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The Bonn of Botswana announces the arrival of four ARV auxiliary migrants

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26.09.2019 to 21h21

A UNITED KINGDOM of Botswana report that the treatment of HIV has been transmitted by extraterrestrial residents to the cadre of major political change that combines an important issue in the response to epidemics.

"Botswana's air force has been subject to treatment by extraterrestrial offenders living with HIV," a statement issued by UNUSIDA's Executive Director, Gunilla Carlsson, in a communiqué, estimates that this is an exemption of Botswana and how to determine if there is no such person in the HIV report ».

Selma Mme Carlsson, the Minister of Sante and the fall of Botswana, has worked extensively with UNUSIDA, the United States President's Emergency Plan for the fight against AIDS, the International Organization for Migration, other United Nations bodies and other development parties for elaborating this new policy.

In pursuance of this policy, the Governor of Botswana has published a special directive to allow settlements to be provided to all persons with HIV who are resident in the country.

Estimated to have 30,000 extraterrestrial residents residing with HIV in Botswana, more than a quarter of their current population is currently undergoing treatment.

Nombreux expatriates do not have the means to access medications or cheerleaders to obtain a medical benefit.

In Botswana, the HIV prevalence rate is plus or minus, plus an age of 15-49 years with the virus.

In 2016, we adopted a universal treatment strategy that turned out to be a gratuitous treatment for all of the cytokines associated with HIV, a measure that has yielded significant results.

Currently there are no HIV infections, but HIV infections account for 36% of all current cases.

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