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Test: Days Fallen – The Deacon Not With Mutants!

Can we think that we are at the end of the life of the Playstation 4? With persistent rumors about the next generation, it is likely that the console is going over a year or two. If we take the case of his big sister on the PS3, the latter also hosted a zombie solo narrative game before worshiping, the Master The Last of Us. And that's the end of Days were flying to offer us his vision of the zombie apocalypse around the world open to motorcycling.

Dangerous detection world

These days of the past

The fragmented narrative does not help to quickly connect with the characters

Apossibility of evacuation of one point: Days Gone suffers from the comparison with the title Naughty Dogs in one key point: his characters and his narration. However, the game starts here with the same logic that tells us an event that happens during the appearance (at least we suppose) during which the hero of the bikers Deacon St. John will be separated from his wife and traveled on the Oregon Road for 2 years without being able to find it. Convinced of his death, he is trying to survive, while the world is better organized to face the presence of Habits, these violent mutants closer to the creatures of "I'm a legend"From the traditional zombies.

However, the principle is the same in addition to its aggressiveness and taste for blood, this creature also allows developers to present the gloomy aspects of humanity when she must face such a threat. but to get back to the introduction which takes place two years before the actual start of the game, she fails to make us feel the necessary empathy for the deaconwho also brings a rebellious adolescent, looks rather inconvenient. We are so far from the traumatic introduction of the Last of us who put us directly in the boots of a sad father and laid the foundation for his future relationship with Ellie. It will be necessary to wait for the retrospect during the adventure to feel real empathy for this separated couple and especially for the deacon. But it takes a bit of time, especially when we are drowning in activities.

However, I will try to limit the comparison, because the past of this appearance has no impact, we will dive directly into the salt of Days left: his world.

Wait for a storm to enjoy the atmosphere of the open world

The world really fell without knowing how ever human beings roam the world in search of fresh meat. Society was reorganized as it could in different camps with sometimes different interests and so we find Deacon, type of mercenaries (named here chops), who travels from one camp to another to fulfill the various missions, slalom between Freakers and his friend Boozer. And it's with the quest that starts with you, a good way to get to know the different elements of the game, starting with the bicycle.

… a motorcycle that will have to be constantly repaired and filled with gasoline

Real tools, your dear engine it will serve you as a mule, means of movement and escape, and even a point of protection and teleportation (it is possible a fast road if not in the vicinity). Keep in mind thatit will be regularly corrected after a fall or a collision, and even – if the price of the barrel is as exaggerated as today – it will be necessary to refuel to avoid falling into the worst moments. And they are numerous.

Freaks are chic

Nothing strikes a good ax in g …

on Freakers Since then it is still an important toy elementthey are a permanent and deadly threat that you need to deal with once you remove your nose. They are everywhere, sometimes alone, different statues, different behaviors, sometimes in groups, and even – in certain specific places – in a horde of a few hundred. Even worse, if you are discreet enough and save your bullets by killing them at the back with a knife – luckily indestructible – the smell of blood will attract others, sprinkled with a delicious meal. You can quickly finish with a lot of carcasses and do some homework in one area, which will then be reposted immediately. Fortunately, a radar will tell you whether the zombies are nearby, the degree of visibility and the noise you will make while you go. Sufficient information about avoiding most meetings what happens in the countryside during your many trips. If you decide to go along the road, you will have to go through frightening dark tunnels and full of creatures ready to jump on you, or face a group of people equipped with sniper rifles that will direct your engine, ready to melt on you to raise your food and equipment.

Aspect of "survival and danger of all times" honestly successful, because besides Freakers and some wild animals (such as bears or wolves), other people also need to be scared, when 3 do not interfere. It's no worse to really enjoy the diversion of a wolf who attacked a human camp overnight before we discover that a group of Freakers joins the party while in the middle. A great success that this open world is "lively" and crowded, inhabited as animals like mutants, the NER scientists who fanatically small groups and places to discover the toughest.

Motorcycle repair to consider in 3 … 2 …

(UN) for happiness, artificial intelligence of people is not the most developed and the missions that seek to empty camps will be an opportunity to see. Not very clever, your brain-functional enemies will be quite easy to restrain by running a bit in any case, many hiding in front of you or not seeing the subsequent disappearance of their allies. However, sometimes you will fall into the traps around the enemy camps that paralyze you for a few moments or even completely, which will take you to the mercy of your attackers. Sometimes you will be captured and you will have to escape the camp and stay as far back as possible.

Burning Nests is a fun activity that takes you on a tour around the region and unlocks the fast journeys

On this subject, if there are several weapons available, the Ryder syndrome of the grave here again appears by proposing a very practical and powerful crossbow with a great advantage of killing the majority of enemies in one shot without making a noisein return for a long recharge time, which makes it unusable against Freakers' groups.

Indeed, mutants are certainly decembrated, but very fast and numerous. If two or three can become dangerous, especially with milled a weapon that breaks down every time Given, wait to see that you have stumbled upon you famous hungry hordes ! Even observing them remotely using binoculars (which also allows you to mark your enemies), one is seized by their unpredictable but coherent shifts, and we are terrified when one of them points out to you and we did not take the time to cling to the environment to get rid of the maximum of the enemies.

To face a horde, it's really suicide to run into a pile or you'll see a hand tearing deacon and mouth feeding on his body in a few seconds. It is necessary to move in silence, to place explosive traps after a careful analysis of the environment. Fuel tanks and gasoline-filled trucks can be stuck while tight spaces can be used to channel the horde flow while gaining precious meters. Being chased by hundreds of Freakers keeps a lot of pressure, especially when you decide to leave the place on a motorcycle and that one of them is discouraged by jumping over you.

Days Gone keeps all his promises with a wonderful open world rich in activities and literally deadly

Besides that, we must admit that the Days Gone has a side "Déja-Vu" : different factions of content, lawsuits, destruction of Freakers' nests to ensure fast movements, activate, liberate human camps to liberate survivors to save for the benefit of camps, and in particular many items that produce. You will spend your time collecting many things in the desert, camps, cars and carcases for you make arrows, care or explosivesbut also from old available everywhere to fix your nearby weapons (baseball bat, board, machete …), but especially your bike! Fortunately, you can count on Allied camps, but also the bunkers empty by enemies to rest a bit and catch up with new production plans to improve the equipment.

The game is divided into different "stories" to complete

Using a radial action to slow down the menus, you can select weapons and items, but also protect the ammunition through the triggers. It must be acknowledged that the level of ergonomics, Bend Studio really polishes the system to be as accessible as possible. Using the R2 key, it will hit the equipped weapon, press L2 and point to one of your two firearms, and quickly switch from one another to the quick punching of the gun. Triangle key. And for a long time, press the same key and fit your special weapon, the sacral toss.

Make the remains, it's good for everything!

Little surprise it all becausein the middle of all this, the deacon has some sort of force (justified by "my father taught me to follow me when I was a kid" … hum) that allows him to reconstruct some past events and to emphasize the objects to gather or communicate with them. I confess it this "super-power" is a little stain in general, even if it justifies a little investigation phase, as we have seen in Wetter 3, for example.

This is one of the main concerns of Days Gone – and that Spiderman was also accused of this – the title does not offer an original recipewhether on the level of artistic direction, storytelling or proposed activities. Attention, understand me well : Gone's days are visually very successful, and to meet in the woods in a stormy night on the edge of a lake arranged with trees beaten by the wind is wonderful, the work of the studio does not have to flourish in front of the biggest productions. Calculation is also very good, the activities are different, all activities are divided into different arches to play the title as we see fit (like the last Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but in less binding because you can follow the script, or hunt nests, manage the harvesters, treat Boozer … these are all different varnishes) and the open world is very alive.

To chase with a horde is as fun as it is terrifying

Everything is under control, but nothing that the game offers really surprises, except management of hordes which puts us under pressure. There are other clumps, some hidden, others visible, even in the countryside. And to my surprise, their phenomena are not just written. For example, I saw a horde walking through the camp without being connected to a mission or event. She was right there, near a lake and her unexpected vision forced me to make a huge stop, which made me visit places where I probably would never join. In this regard, access to various menus (improvements of the deacon – not to be overlooked, save, like repairing weapons, increasing endurance or penetration of balls – card, targets …) are done with simple pressure on the touchpad, but also – and that's where is smarter – by sliding a finger in one of the four directions of the sidewalk. sliding your finger right, open the map directly. Why did not anyone ever think about it before? We would like this to apply to more games!

Perfection does not exist

As I mentioned, Gone's days are visually very successful, with different regions, but also with wonderful weather effects (The wind beating the trees is a miracle to see) and bright or dusk moods to fall. But there are also some bitter ugly textures (access vehicles) and some fall during the motor stages or in the second part of the game.

Even on a motorcycle you are not safe outside

Also, I'm sorry scenic phases that we will get out of the game a bit, like when we reach the mission post and that the game forces the night transfer with a pure script (which raises concerns, because the night, Freakers are more dangerous, which removes the strategic aspect of the game) what really satisfies me, is blacked out through transitions on every occasion (after dialogue for example). The drone gets a shot? Appears in black when it starts to get up, and then continues 2 seconds later to start a conversation with its allies. And this sometimes 4 or 5 times in the space of 3 minutes.

When this happens during the narrative stages, it quickly becomes irritating. This is not a serious mistake, but the overall experience is so fluid outside it that it becomes a real drawback. With the pre-release version (and 4 patches already), I also found it sound errors, the sound landscape disappears at the same time never return (more wind, more motorcycle noise, nothing but the voice and music of the Diacon). This should be resolved quickly, but this should be emphasized. few script errors are also present because during an escort mission that requires you to stay close to your protégé under penalty to see that the mission fails … even if it keeps you from leaving it to be cleaned before you. We still feel that Band Studio is not the Naughty Dog in terms of money even if the initial promise of the title is maintained: Hordes are there, liquids, aggressive, monstrous and merciless.

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