Wednesday , January 20 2021

temperatures up to 23 degrees over the weekend, forecasts for the region by region

Thursdaywe will have a wonderful sunny day. Temperatures rising will reach values ​​close to 15 or 16 degrees at Arden highs with 20 or 21 degrees in the plain. The wind will be moderate in the east, the MFA says.

Friday, the sun will be omnipresent with a maximum of 21 or even 22 degrees, under an even moderate wind from the east to the northeast.

Saturday, the sun will always be on a rendezvous and will be a little warmer with a maximum of 22 or locally 23 degrees, in an easy to moderate northern wind. However, in the sea, mercury should not exceed 16 degrees.

week, the sun and heat remain in the program, although some harmful clouds may occur. Temperatures will reach 22 degrees in the center of the country.

Sweet at the beginning of next week

Mondayclouds may be more present, but the risk of precipitation seems limited. Temperatures will still exceed 20 degrees.

Tuesday, cloudy developments can lead to showers and, even if you lose several degrees, it will always be mild for the season.

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