Monday , September 21 2020

Surprise for suppliers from a supermarket: Prince George comes to the door to greet them and help them carry groceries


"The rescuers of a chain of British supermarkets are surprised and thrilled that they are regularly welcomed by Prince William and Prince George when they stay at Amman Hall in Norfolk, in southeastern England, the Sun newspaper reveals.

"George is always very useful and he is the one who asks what he can wear every time. It's a very curious child," said a source of magical welcome.

"The people who deliver it give him weaker bags, showing how William is down to earth and that he wants his son to grow up and help others."

George's mother, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is often seen shopping at the Waitrose chain stores between scheduled deliveries.

William's attitude toward his own children reflects on that of his mother, Diana, who often took the sons on the bus or subway, not in private royal cars.

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