Friday , October 22 2021

Student baptism: folklore stronger than polemics?


It became a chestnut in autumn. Every year during this period, the media massively transmit serious or embarrassing situations during student baptisms. A 2018 did not escape the rules … At the end of September, in Liège, the student was hospitalized after a hydraulic coma after he swallowed too much water during the activity. Last Tuesday, still at Cité Ardente, a 21-year-old student died due to cardiac arrest after an evening "gold of sponsors" organized as part of the bleusaille. Even yesterday, the UCL rector closed the student circle after the "slippage" took place at the beginning of October as part of the baptism. Newspapers repeated "blows" and some even "rape".

As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. However, despite the criticism of terrified parents and bad press, baptism is still a recipe. Years after years, the data remains relatively stable: between 5 and 10% of students who have just entered the university, take part in the wheel bleusaille. The components of success are known: many meetings, creating close ties with friends in college, and even outside them, a sense of community of solidarity, involvement in the organization of student activities, … But "Even if it's just a game", comments and abusive, sometimes violent comics towards the blues are very real. How to prevent further overfill?

"University is not an area of ​​lawlessness"

" Instead of talking about the commentary's dominance in blue, we prefer to talk about authority "Says Lucile Neyrinck, president of ACE, ULB student association." This power is subject to very strict rules written on the cards which the districts had to ratify. For example, they stipulate that physical contact is forbidden. The commissioner can not touch the blue as part of the baptism. It's very bright! And if this happens, we will establish sanctions and, if necessary, we will return to the rectory. If the facts are serious, we encourage the person concerned to take legal action. The university is not an area of ​​lawlessness. "

ACE claims that it has never registered any serious complaints and even welcomes " bluesailles without fault This year. Completed from this Sunday, the baptism period is successful at ULB. " We are very happy with our circles. In recent years, there has been an evolution of a whole series of activities organized in the context of bleusilles. Circles were able to self-criticize the stories conveyed by the media and adopt a responsible attitude. At ULB, we evolve over time and we can say it with pride! "The president smiles.

Less alcohol, the party is crazier?

When methylene blues or "lips in the ground" (kneeling position, forehead resting on the ground and arms raised backwards) still form part of the baptism, the famous "blues kings" disappeared the most blues. The act of rooting funds (as soon as possible to empty your cup) is often at the center of controversy. On ULB circles he moved it to the second quarter and made the "King of Blues" optional … although most baptized attend, social pressure obliges. " This activity is organized at the request of the blues themselves who want to consolidate the tradition Lucile Neyrinck explains. " But now most circles use non-alcoholic or dilute beer to avoid accidents. "

This Tuesday (20/11) in Saint-Verhaegen, the last big event in the student calendar, student circle bars founded on Place du Sablon in Brussels will also offer "light alcohol" cards. Since 2012, Circles are required to have 30% lighter beer on request to the whole and present 30% softness on their card. Two free water distribution stations are also planned. In this way, the event is a card of responsibility, even if every student of "guindailleur" remains responsible for their own beverage flow …

As last year, around 7,000 people (students, baptized and former baptisms) will celebrate "Saint-V". A number that should not decrease in the coming years. No offense to his opponents, student folklore is not ready to do his blue job.

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