Sunday , April 11 2021

Standard loses his chance at Antwerp and loses third place (VIDEO)


Emmond missed the penalty kick after the locker and Standard were punished in the wake of Lamkel Ze.

After twenty minutes, Opare and Laifis had to be replaced after a great shock. The start of the match was balanced, without great opportunities. In the 32nd minute, Kosanovic held the Baby in the rectangle and Dimmembers Mobkani did not ask to send the penalty in the window of Ochoa (1-0).

It was not until the 40th minute to see the Standard really put the nose on the window. In the first half, Marin had a festival before serving Lestine in the box. The bending strike on the left lion was pushed into Bolat's corner. An angle that will bring Vengeessen's equilibrium when the international hope is pushed under Bolat, a flat foot, a balloon that drags into the small rectangle.

At the end of the locker, Fai found Emond in the small rectangle, but missed his recovery. After the intervention of the VAR, Emerson's Arslanagic foul was discovered and sanctioned with punishment. But the striker badly hit this penalty that Bolat pushed him back into the legs … Emond then set his shot over an empty goal.

At the hour of play, Lamkel Ze fooled Ochoa while returning to his right leg after recovering from a balloon hanging on the second post in the center of the baby. In the 72nd minute, the referee had to interrupt the match due to airplanes of the repeated cups on the ground by Antwerp supporters … the game finally continued after a ten-minute interruption.

Standard does not really put pressure on Antwerp at the end of the match, despite the exclusion of the second yellow card from Lamkel Ze during the break.


Antwerp: Bolat, Opare, Arslanagic, Van Damme, Jukelod, Harun, Govea, Refaelov, Lamkel Ze, Baby, Mbokani.

Standard: Ochoa, Fai, Vanheusden, Kosanovic, Laifis, Marin, Cimir, Halilovic, Emond, Lestien, Jenepo.

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