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Sono Motors, with solar energy charging, lithium-ion battery pack

sono sion

The start-up alleys Sono Motors do not have the right front brake, and the maneuverability of the maneuvers rather than providing a more ecologically sound concept.

The process ends in a communiqué concession to those subscribers, in which the start-up is given the metaphors of utilization lithium in the batteries des electric voitures. Un pari osé quand on sait que leur model « Zion », Which is sorted by finer 2020, contend with a battery, plus nombreux panneaux solaires arranged on the vehicle's vehicle.

Sono Motors explores the drives for lithium utilization

C'est la batterie elle-mmeme que Sono Motors fait parler in communiqué, explant: « is the temps for moi de dire quelques mots. Car reception, mon nom a beaucoup figured in the media of the interior ».

Sono Motors as well as battery chargers that have long-lasting batteries in the notebook, which are only available on smartphones or portable chargers. The communiqué is the only thing that can be achieved la demande qui fait l'offrewith heat-generating users « plus power, plus rapidity, and plus autonomy ».

The start-up alleges opposition from both facets lithium, à la fois « i des plus grandes innovations du siècle dernier, which changes the donation for the mobility and energy systems to the north& nbsp »et« un escroc, exploiting precursors to deplete all planets by minimizing payloads, and ignoring inhumane traffic conditions ».

sono sion

NMC cellular battery of a Sono Sion © Sono Motors

Sono Motors s'engage

Mais Sono Motors not to be hypocritical for: entertaining an episode of this premiere material, as the visuals of the battery present in it newsletter.

La start-up dénonce, donc, mais as well as combat in combat against lithium explosive problems.

An première cible, les extraction liquids, comme la consommation d'eau « qui pose a major problem aux habitants et aux animaux »Of sectional concerns, et cetera du cobalt qui s'appuie sur « simple and non-industrial methods in the mines and regeneration travail inhumaines conditions »; Amnesty International has just released a 2017 issue.

Sono Motors propose donc aux consommateurs en denotes practically all of the policies and constructors, aux qui auront le plus de poids. Certificate constructors such as Renault or BMW are equipped with switches for changing maneuverability, plus additional precision quantities for prime material handling.

batterie sono sion

Battery Components of a Sono Sion © Sono Motors

À son tour, Sono Motors portraits of the most attention paid to the supply of these premiere materials : « Nous nous considérons comme responsive to efforts aimed at ameliorating appetite chains and avoids integrating environmental protection and social justice into the guidelines. […] All inclination for luggage is provided for both contractors and contract parties defining the details of Homme, excluding discrimination, applying force or punctuation or the treatment of infants, and reducing the maximum impact of the actions on nature and the environment ».

Les batteries des Zion about the factories that are manufactured in Germany and the voices that have been assembled in Sweden in the US 100% renewable energy supply.

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