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“Shrimp” in a tight boxer … Matt Pokora dares to publish a photo that he does not do in his favor at all!

The singer shared a photo from his 18th birthday along with another recent recording. The physical difference is obvious! Ready for his concert on December 8, the artist motivates his audience to participate in the event.

The music sector has suffered deeply from both lockouts in 2020. Matt Pokora fought against all odds to ensure his tour Pyramid tower takes place. But given the expansion of the Covid-19 pandemic, this was unfortunately impossible. The saturation of intensive care beds quickly justified the closure of theaters and concert halls.

“Giving up is not part of my vocabulary”

But the interpreter of If you are not there has a hard head. Nothing seems to stop him. So he did not want to see himself as a collateral victim of this sad epidemic. He wanted to solve the problem by organizing a giant concert, but a virtual one.

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“Giving up is not part of my vocabulary”, he announced on his account Instagram. And to continue: “So, there will be a final performance of #PYRAMIDETOUR! For you, for those who have been waiting for this concert for months, but were deprived of it. Because with my teams, we wanted to end 2020 together with you, on a positive note. You will not be there, but we will be with you! “See you on December 8.” The 35-year-old singer therefore chose to perform live at the Senna Musicale. Exactly in the same place the next edition of NRJ Music Awards

His fans know that, the performer of Just Picture of You wants to maintain his body. Sports soul, we can discover him on his Instagram account, as well as playing basketball as if he were doing bodybuilding. But for this event that promises to be remarkable, the winner of the first edition of Dance with the stars champion training follows!

When Matt Pokora is compared to shrimp!

“The whole of December 8. I told you the concert of my life! Ready to give EVERYTHING to you… Crown Concert… “, published in the title of the photo on November 23, 2020. In the photo we see the torso in the gym, carrying heavy weights. The artist is not joking! He is currently undergoing intense physical preparation for his December 8 concert.

And the photo that buzzed the most on his Instagram profile is a photo he posted as a story. Christina Millian’s pet made a montage showing two photos. One when he was 18, in white boxer shorts, with a shrimp emoji symbolizing his old figure, and the other is a recent photograph, full of muscles. „Hard work and dedication“(Hard work and dedication),” he wrote simply. 17 years separate the two photos. Apart from the muscles, the tattoos are obvious! The young man on Pop star looks like a completely different person!

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