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Seven of Alain Passard's favorite addresses in Brussels


In 7 favorites from yesterday to today, Alain Passard, the three-star chef owner Arpège in Paris he gave us his memories of his favorite restaurants in Brussels.

What are the rare and valuable visits of Alain Passard in Brussels! A blessing for us who were able to follow him during this journey between chefs and the philosophy of "vegetables" at the Stanhope Hotel. A hotel that will also be welcomed at the elegant Brighton restaurant, two "lunches for four people around their vegetables in the Bois-Giroult kitchen garden". Dinner prepared by Laurent Gauze (chef Brighton) and master chef Pierre & # 39; a Burtonboy, November 30 and December 1.

Here are 7 tables recalled by Alain Passard in Brussels.

To Brussels Arms

Unrivaled from the best memories of the famous star, the brand and its new owner Rudy Van Lancker welcomed Alain Passard for lunch on Wednesday, November 15. Again, the new, iconic Brussels restaurant clearly delighted the Parisian chef, serving him, at his request, shrimp croquettes, mussels and beer! The menu, which today is more than ever a recipe for the arms of Brussels, which Alain Passard left occupied hands Bière Chez Léon, book René Sépul ("Chez Léon, Brussels fruit since 1893") and the necessary chocolates from Neuhaus.

To Brussels Weapons – Rue des Bouches, 13 – 1000 Brussels – T +32 (0) 2 511 55 50 –

The Passage Tavern

By passing this other flagship building of the capital, Alain Passard did not hesitate to tell many of his memories of this equally famous table in Brussels, where in the 1980s he regularly came to sit down. The brand, which this year celebrates 90 years of good and loyal service for the glory of classic beer cuisine, still heavily devoted to the main Belgian-Brussels specialties.

The Passage Tavern – Galeria de la Reine, 30 – 1000 Brussels – T +32 (0) 2 512 37 31 –

Room with David Martin

" I am always happy that my old friends are rewarded and that they can open their own home, he confided in us. What's more, there are two people who have just moved to three minutes for one and five minutes for the other Arpège. This is just as satisfying for me when they achieve success and I am very happy about it. Among those old seconds is David Martin who is today a star and you teach me that he is the new Chef of the Year 2019 at Gault & Millau. It's great for him, I'm very happyst and I must say that I can only congratulate him. It is a pity that I do not see him often and that today I can not go to his house and go to Room … time is running out, but I really have to come back! "

La Paix – Rue Ropsy Chaudron, 49 – 1070 Brussels – T +32 (0) 2 523 09 58 – (News: open on Thursday evening)

Bon-Bon at Christophe Hardiquest

" My second big regret– says Alain Passard, discovering the SMS, inviting him to the house of a friend of Christophe & Hardiquest, same is not the time to go and have dinner at Christophe's. I would like to stay one more day, but unfortunately I have to be in Arpège today … I will have to come back! And it will be even more pleasing to see that next Monday after issuing the 2019 guide, Michelin has brought a new star to the homes of chefs friends, whom I appreciate so much in Brussels! But patience, you do not have to sell a bear's skin … and he promised, if so: I come back faster to celebrate with you all, the party is always so happy at home!

Bon Bon – Avenue de Tervueren, 453 – 1150 Brussels – T +32 (0) 2 346 66 15 –

The other three brands, among his favorites in Brussels, Alain Passard asked us for information:

Villa Lorraine

" I remember, says Alain Passard, Villa Lorraine, organized by Butler Marcel Kreusch, was the first three-star restaurant in Brussels. It was in the seventies, but ten years later we still talked a lot about it when I was working at Carlton. What today? ". We tell him that the journey of this villa fell from the sky and returned years later with Alain Bianchin, who regained his first macaroon. Then, along with Gary Kirchens, a young chef, known from the famous Oustau de Baumanière, he managed to keep this beautiful Brussels house so wonderful today. We still tell him the story of previous leaders, Vandecasserie, whom he knew his father, Freddy, whose son Patrick now orchestrates the De Mayeur restaurant in Ruisbroek / Drogenbos. A restaurant where the kitchen remains faithful to the great classics as the best suppliers of the country.

Villa Lorraine – Avenue du Vivier d & # 39; Oie, 75 – 1000 Brussels – T +32 (0) 2 374 31 63 –

From Mayeur – Fabriekestraat, 339 – 1601 Ruisbroek – T +32 (0) 2 331 52 61 –

Ecailler of the Royal Palace

An address that remains in the memories of Alain Passard and is still the flagship address of the capital. We will find out that after the purchase by French compatriots, the kitchen is now arranged by a young chef François Verhulst (previously "YUME" closed) Yves Mattagne (Sea Grill) and ex "Fuel" Master Cook Eddy Munster (formerly "Bruneau") and today appeared in the duel "Wine in the City" in Jette) François Verhulst replaces the talented Maxime Maziers, now head of the restaurant Bruneau.

Ecailler from the Palais Royal – Rue Bodenbroek, 18 – 1000 Brussels – T +32 (0) 2 512 87 51 –

Bruneau – Maxime Maziers

" Jean-Pierre Bruneau, let's talk about it! He calls Alain Passard. " He was so well-rated in Brussels. It was also a must for anyone who wanted to eat in a beautiful Belgian home. What has become of him? To which we reply that the brand bought just five months ago by the young Maxime Maziers (ex Ecailler from the Royal Palace, in which he restored the Michelin star), is already in the process of representing one of the beautiful gastronomic tables of the city. But also, of course, to learn more, will inevitably come back to us!

Bruneau – Maxime Maziers – Avenue Broustin, 73 – 1083 Brussels – T +32 (0) 2 421 70 70 –

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