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Salzinnes: at Carrefour Market / Mestagh, c'est fini


The store is fancy, annoncent of affiches. Not in the back yard: it's a décolleté in faillite

The clients of the Carrefour Market de Salzinnes are surprised to find that there is a surplus of services available in the Mestagh area: it is closed. It is not clear after it has been started. Not all conventions of Avenir are quintessential.

The supermarket has not been reproduced by other franchisees: it is not adapted to current norms. The troposphere traverses for a bunch of cones in constant congestion.

The clients are remarquaient as to the validity of the lie, except that they only fall. They also have no aftertaste to prevent the erosion of the air shafts. The plates are nachachient plus auxiliary, utilizing surface coatings as an app for storing all the weighted courses.

All that and not a gesture of gesture that aurait tempted the faillite, symbol-t-il. Unelectable reaction in china: the storage space plus auxiliary storage is not available, for the purpose of avoiding perturbations, the clients are more than enough …

14 emplois sont perdus dans cette faillite. It does not compute the indepen- dent generators.


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