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Saad Lamyred, "star and rapist?" (Video)

After his release under judicial supervision at the beginning of last December, the magazine Seven to eight decided to return to the case of the little prince of the Arab pop and to interview several protagonists related to the various allegations against Saad Lamiared.

The show gives voice to the two alleged victims of the singer, one of whom is a Moroccan who speaks about the rape that will happen in Casablanca. When she met Saad Lamiared at a party in April 2015, shortly thereafter, she found herself with herself in her hermeneut and claimed she had been raped three times. To hear her description, she looks similar to that of Laura Priul, namely a man who suddenly changes her behavior, sometimes soft, sometimes violent. The victim continues his story saying that Moroccan police officers refuse to report his complaint once at the police station. She turned to lawyers who rejected her request, as well as a gynecologist who did not want to listen.

The second case is that of a Franco-Moroccan woman who lodged an appeal in Paris before retiring. She confides in a long letter given to reporters on the show that they were raped by the singer. When telling the facts of her parents, she orders them to withdraw the complaint in order to avoid a scandal.

The show also evokes the financial arrangements proposed by relatives of the Moroccan star. Thus, Laura Priul was offered 500,000 euros, and then 1m euros to "leave Saeed quietly". As for seasonal Saint Tropez, who would receive a 200,000 euro bid to withdraw his appeal.

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