Wednesday , January 20 2021

Rochefort Industrial Zone on Fire: Residents Urged to “Close Doors and Windows”

A large fire broke out this Wednesday afternoon in the Rochefort area. Several firefighters are on the scene, said Acting Mayor Corinne Mullens.

A thick column of smoke rises from the Rochefort industrial zone where firefighters are currently intervening in numbers to try to control the blaze. Testimonials received through the orange button Let us know that these are the old institutions of Gilile SA, which the acting mayor, Corin Mullens “This is a relatively impressive fire that started in a person who sells or works with agricultural machinery. “Nothing is left of the company.” specifies the burgomaster.

Civil protection was called on the spot to carry out their analysis. Firefighters Rochefort, Boering, Sini and Marche-en-Famen are also on site. “Meanwhile, the population is advised to keep doors and windows closed. The fire is under control, according to the on-site fire protection commander. There are no regrets, but the material losses are huge“, The mayor concludes.

Another fire broke out in the same zoning last summer in early July at CETT Monseu. It took seven days to permanently neutralize the fire.


Roquefort fire

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