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qu'est-ce que le "mommy makeover"?


Prize de poids, ventre abimé, deetendus sein … The post-grossess descriptions are nombreux. Pour y remédier, some women are decadent to the dance in "mommy makeover", a post-gross chirurgie. En quoi consiste cette intervention? What are the risks involved? Et leut? Michel Rouif, plastic surgeon and secretary general of the French Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (Sofcep), responded to questions by Melanie Gomez at the broadcast Sans rendezvous.

Le "mommy makeover", qu'est-ce que c'est?

There is no shortage of deserted statues that are far from prestigious, this surgery permitting the removal of gross wastes. "Nous nous préoccupons de la silhouette post-grossesse," said Dr. Rouif. In France, all surgeries are limited to two or three maximal operations: abdomen and limbs prioritized, and paresis, a liposuction. Aux Stats-Unis, it is possible to multiplier. "Pour nous, le maître-mot, c'est la securité", avance le chirurgien. "We have no evidence of the operation of nombreuse machines, as these operations may immobilize females at certain times."

Intervention is also of great importance to the abdomen that has to be attached to the muscular structure. Souvent, les muscles abdominaux fondent ae grossesse. Note that the receiver: "Fitted with a ventilation lamp for the design of the silhouette and the design, retaining the surface and lifting." Concerning the seals, whether removable or otherwise, a single implant affords an augmenter – or restiturer – the volume or injector of grease.

What are the risks for patients?

D'après le Dr Rouif, this "intervention does not have any results." "Abdominoplasty is effected by one of the interventions of plastic surgery that involves plus the risk of phlebitis. This maladies is caused by the formation of a lesion in the sang, which is peut. septacher et al is imported by sanguine circulation to pulmonary vasculature, such as to cause pulmonary embolism.

"What an intervention that no prenons have to legally", affirms the surgeon. "Déjà, to give some form of assistance, do not intervene practically, in general, after more than one gross loss."

In addition, these phlebitis risks are also associated with the ponderal overload of the doctor. The mass of the corporate body of the patient does not necessarily exceed the trop élevé. Summarize the risks involved.

"In terms of figures, there is no demand for patients in terms of scores and scores." It is fitting to have this chirurgie peut embedded in a round of plusieurs.

Where is this operating coat?

"In France, the level of security is high," assured Dr. Rouif. "Cela a donc un cout." Between 4,000 and 5,000 euros for the abdominal party for those seasons. The total mounting cost is between 6,000 and 10,000 euros. "Only the party lied to abdomen can be rented," said Dr Rouif. "Mais il y a condition: que le ventre couvre le pubis".

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