Wednesday , June 16 2021

Q1: New coach appointed for Saint-Michel this evening?


Jean-Claude Delmoiti was dropped this week after a record of 0 in 33

Since the start of the season, the young team of Saint-Michel offers an interesting content of the match, manages to annoy all these opponents, but does not win any point. The last place and the record of 0 out of 33 who finally reached better than their coach, Jean-Claude Delmoiti.
"The decision to separate from the coach was inevitable, although we can not dismiss the responsibility for this report on the back of a coach who worked with great dedication and professionalism." However, it is necessary to try to cause an electrical network and unfortunately, in these cases, it is a coach who gives a drink " says Vincent Devos.

The club therefore asks for a new coach, which has not yet been named contrary to what some rumors post.
"I've read that Fabian Lambot will be our new coach when there is no decision and we are seeing the candidates today." According to the interviews, the heir can be named tonight. Bukes works "adds Vincent Devos.

Fabian Lambot also denied having reached an agreement with the club, while also quoting the name Jonathan Lambion. Answer the next hours.

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