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Pregnant, Shy proudly reveals the number of pounds she has already gained (photos)

Pregnant, Shy proudly reveals the number of pounds she has already gained (photos)

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On October 23, Shim revealed her pregnancy in a music video for her latest track, titled “Boy”. Since then, the singer has shared her happiness on her social networks, without revealing the identity of the father, who remains unknown!

First ectopic pregnancy

Deserved luck, because the artist suffered a miscarriage, after an ectopic pregnancy in 2019. Pain that she shared only after the announcement of her current pregnancy. “I found myself in the hospital, stomach and heart upside down in the middle of Halloween, in the middle of an ectopic pregnancy, in the middle of a horror movie“, She explained on her social networks.A year later, although I had a fever and prayed every day, I could no longer see my feet because my stomach was round. I usually keep my worries in (very) safe, but I can not help but think about it on this day

10 kilos well placed!

Today, the singer enjoys her happiness and shares with her community the evolution of her pregnancy. She only revealed how many kilograms she had already gained after this pregnancy. Dressed in leggings, she explained in a story on her Instagram account that she has already gained 10 kilograms. In the process, she humorously discovered that, fortunately for her, most of those pounds were in her breasts!

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