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Pregnancy: Proven Benefits of Women's Brain?

According to a scientific study published by the American Scientific Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesNorwegian researchers have shown that women who give birth have a younger brain than those who never gave birth. These results are based on the data analysis of the labor force of more than 12,000 middle-aged women saved in BioBank in the UK. And to believe in these data, the benefits of brain pregnancy continue beyond the postpartum period.

No clarifications were made

Doctor Gregory Lodigensky at the University Hospital Center of Sainte-Justine on Canada, appreciated this study he finds elsewhere 'Very stable'. He assures that he can be credited for being published in a fairly well-known magazine.

According to him, researchers have really proven how much birth provides brain protection. However, he insists that the searches do not specify the exact protected areas, but also the devices used to make such conclusions.

Hormonal changes

Doctor Lodygensky, think that if the protected area is identified, the situation will favor the hypothesis formulation. A study by Norwegian researchers also mentions hormone-related effects during pregnancy. Thus, based on research on humans and animals, changes in the brain have been observed.

This means that hormonal changes during pregnancy, if possible, can have a positive impact on the brain. The other hypothesis discussed in this study also relates to the inflammatory and immune response, in particular to the pro and anti-inflammatory balance in the brain. Doctor Gregory Lodigensky He found this balance very delicate and vulnerable, which could also benefit from a positive effect.

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