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PHOTO DALS 9: Pamela Anderson is eliminated, Maxime Dereymez sends her a moving message


The program schedule was changed this week on TF1 due to the NRJ Music Awards ceremony. The viewers were to meet this Thursday, November 8, on the seventh dance bonus with the stars, a series marked by the departure of Pamela Anderson.

As soon as these two come true, alchemy immediately regulated. Officially nominated for the ninth season Dance with the stars. Pamela Anderson he imposed certain conditions, especially on the choice of his dancer. And it is at your fingertips Maxime Dereymez that the international star agreed to try the adventure. "You're the best"– she said to her partner during the first meeting face to face. The winner of the second season very soon trust and showed reliable support in times of doubt. Heavily wounded in the calf, the Canada-American actress could not ensure her performance. But thanks to the doctors and incentives from a private teacher, she realized the impossibility of the next week and regained first place in the ranking.

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"An impossible word is not part of his vocabulary" Maxime Dereymez said in an interview. Impressed with the steel mind, Pamela Anderson gave her a nickname "Xena warrior"Warrior who has unfortunately I lost the battle on Thursday, November 8. The 51-year-old candidate has indeed been eliminated Terence Telle, partner of the company Fauve HautotAnd if he does not bring the cup home, beloved footballer Adil Rami has won the hearts of the French audience, but also beautiful friendshipAfter sharing the last dance on the floor, the professional did it tender statement to the star on your Instagram account.

Touching words Maxime Dereymez for Pamela Anderson

«A meeting, an adventure that will mark me for my whole life …, he wrote in the legend about a perfect illustration of their complicity. Thank you to DALS and TF1 for letting me share such a good time with a person in gold, engaging, humble and moving. " Maxime Dereymez then thanked the program teams and the fans of the program who supported them. Then after small equipment "Bad languages" and to "Fools"the dancer preferred to concentrate again on what was necessary. "After all these injuries, we will recover physically, and our duo, though more in the competition, will survive a long and beautiful friendship, but certainly through new projects"added. Emotion notification!

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A meeting, an adventure that will mark me for my whole life … Thank you @ dals_tf1 @ tf1 for allowing me to share such good moments with a person in gold, engaging, humble and moving. Thanks to artistic teams that help us create such beautiful paintings and created such magnets before our dances. Real team work, always intelligent exchange in the service of dance, art. Thank you to those who supported us and encouraged us. The desire not to disappoint you grew every week thanks to all your messages. Thanks to bad languages, for idiots for making me aware, even more so that I do a great job, a passion that only tries to convey positive values, create sharing and emotions, while others try to provoke controversy, dirty images, make bread, gain publicity … What a sad life … Finally, after these numerous injuries, we will recover physically and our duo, although more in the competition, will be continued through beautiful and long friendship, but also thanks to the new nice projects. @pamelaanderson # dals9 #endofawonderfuljourney #pamelaanderson #maximedereymez

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