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OPTIMISM: Protects against heart problems!

Many studies have already suggested a link between negative emotions, social factors and certain chronic stressors and negative heart effects. While mood or mentality are factors that can be regulated or modified, they represent a new relevant target for new clinical interventions. Empirical studies suggest that optimistic people are likely to succeed in all areas. There are also documented associations between optimism and favorable outcomes for physical health. A recent study, quoted by researchers, even suggested a link between high optimism and reduced risk of specific cardiac complications.

Work on optimism to improve one's heart health

This analysis largely confirms these conclusions, with some limitations, including a systematic consideration of possible confounding factors, including smoking, diabetes, and hypertension. However, the sample size and duration of monitoring leave little room for doubt. The results are all the more interesting because features such as optimism and pessimism can be easily measured, as well as variable factors. We hope that by acting on mood and general well-being we can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disorders …

Optimism reduces cardiovascular risk by 35%: New York researchers have defined optimism as a state of mind defined as a tendency to think that good things will happen in the future. They have identified all the major medical and scientific databases of all groups of studies investigating the link between optimism and pessimism and cardiovascular events and / or deaths for all causes. Major findings include cardiovascular mortality, incidence of nonfatal myocardial infarction, stroke and recent angina. Fifteen studies involving a total of 229,391 participants were selected, including 10 providing data on cardiovascular events and 9 for all-cause mortality. The overall analysis reveals that optimism is significantly related to:

  • reducing the risk of cardiovascular events by 35%,
  • at risk of mortality for all reasons reduced by 14%.

The results confirm a significant association between optimism and reduced risk of cardiovascular events and deaths for all causes. Researchers are planning further research on the bio-behavioral mechanisms underlying this association.

Finally, they suggest that interventions designed to promote optimism or reduce pessimism can outweigh the benefits of mental health, and may also help reduce cardiovascular risks, especially for those at high risk.

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