Wednesday , June 16 2021

Neuville before the Stallion, but far ahead of us

A few puddles here and there, a little more humidity in the first two stages of the day, but in the end quite dry roads, and therefore a lot of sweeping: this menu is enjoyed by the riders. Australia, the last round of the world championship, on Friday morning in the Coffs Harbor area.

With the completion of these first three stages, the general classification dominated by Ostberg (Citroën) against Lappi and Latvala (Toyota), i.e. Drivers, who have taken advantage of the ride queue further, to use the roads cleaned of dust, which tarpaulin.

Neuville: "We need one or two cars between Stallion and us"

In this little game, Thierry Neuville said he was not too bad, even if he was only 9th, 19.2 seconds behind the leader. "It's not bad because we're in front of Stallion (Note: 8.4 seconds in advance), but this is also not terrible, because we are only 9 years old
Thierry Neuville said, not too happy in the morning.In the afternoon we should win positions on the road to enter the next day with at least one or two cars between Seb and us. "

Tanak 6th in 7.8 seconds from Ostberg

A scenario that did not win in advance when conditions did not change much in the afternoon. "First of all, we must continue to see how Toyota dominates the debates, despite their position on the road", Neuville added in reference to Tanaka, however, the victim of fear in the third stage of the day, but still better than the other two: 6, 7.8 seconds only Ostberg.

Fear for Neuville

Neuville also had a warm moment in this third stage: "To enable the evacuation of abundant water in recent weeks, the organizers have created small artificial tumors along the waysaid Neuville. From the first, approaching 130-140 km / h, the car bounced back sharply and fell back on the nose. For the first time we could get out of the barrel at the front! Fortunately, it was not … "

Abandoning Mikkelsen

Abandoning, of course, would be dramatic for our compatriot. His teammate, Mikkelsen, could not have avoided it, after a sudden escape from the road, undoubtedly worried about the presence of the tractor on the side of the road! The drama was avoided again. But Neuville can no longer count on his Norwegian teammate. Again …

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