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"Nafi can become the greatest Belgian athlete of all time"

The real passion is sports in general and athletics in particular Patrick Stephens made the trip to Doha. "I've been here for a few days, it allows me to clear my head because I work hardexplains the man who has now become an entrepreneur.I came here to Qatar in 1997 to attend the first international meeting organized in the country. At the time, the competition was for men only and women could not attend the meeting. Since then, things have changed. The ground has been modernized, it's just a shame that there are no more people in the stadium to attend these championships."

One who is still Belgium's 200m record holder (20 & # 39; & # 39; 19 in Rome in 1996) closely watches Belgian athletics. He has an admirable look at the performances of Nafi Thiam : "I was talking to her coach recently and I realized that, in fact, she had never really trained much. So it's obvious that given her age, she can still progress enormously. We didn't see everything he could do. In my opinion, if she does not get hurt, she will be the world champion here in Doha. And if it continues its pace, it could also target next year's Olympic doubles. And why not also look to the 2024 Games and reach the race. She can in any case become the biggest Belgian sports woman of all time."

As a former sprinter, a specialist in 100 and 200 years, the young man in his 50s believes that twins Borlée should focus only on the relay. "We realize that they have a harder time staying in touch with the world's top and running in less than 45 seconds. Competition and density in the 400 are very important. Maybe they should think about focusing only on the relay. Anyway in 2020, the year of games. Because in recent years, they have proven that in the relay, they were able to extract something extra. In 2020, it would be best for them to devote themselves to the relay during the matches and aim for an individual result at the European Championships in Paris."

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