Saturday , July 31 2021

Mouscron confirms beating Club Brugge (0-0)

Defending champion Brugge suddenly gave up the lead in the Racing Genk standings, 28 points, who set up their sixth straight win (1-5 at Circle Brugge) earlier in the night. Bruges is 2nd with 27 points. Bershot is 3rd with 25 points and will play on Sunday in Mechelen. Mouscron remains last with 7 points, but has played only twelve matches.

Shaken Tuesday in Dortmund (3-0) in the Champions League, Brugge went to the “gunner” Jorge Simao, who on Wednesday celebrated his first success of the season in the equalizer in Circle (1-2).

Forced to play the game (almost 69% of possession throughout the match), but not very inspired so often from the start of the season, Warmer and his teammates also lacked precision (only one shot on goal 8) during the rare stages before the break like Okereke (15, 27) and Lang (25).

Philip Clement can change his entire offensive line Shrivers (for Okereke 55), Baji (for Krmencik 61) and Denis (for Lang (78)), this was not enough before the brave and decisive formation of Henuer. to his coach Simao (87th for 2nd warning) did not change anything.

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