Thursday , November 26 2020

Minister de Sater is asking Bpost to reconsider its decision not to deliver all the plots

Bpost urged consumers to collect certain packages from the collection point themselves, due to the dramatic increase in online shopping.

Through writing with Belga

Л.that public utilities minister Petra De Sater (Groen) wants bpost to reconsider its decision not to deliver some of the packages in the coming weeks, she said in consultation with the company on Saturday. Bpost, in fact, asked consumers to pick up certain plots on their own at a collection point due to the spectacular increase in online procurement.

“I understand the concerned reactions that followed,” the minister said. “I consulted with bpost and asked the company to consider this measure earlier this week after these legitimate issues. “

However, the Minister noted the exceptional circumstances for the operation of bpost. “Normally, they deliver 270,000 packages, now there are almost 600,000. They have already recruited 2,000 additional people. The employees work tirelessly. The company is looking for solutions to continue and we can be grateful. “

Angry comos

The Coméos Trade Federation regrets Bpost’s decision to offer certain citizens the opportunity to come and collect their own plot from the collection point themselves. This temporary measure applies to 5% of the 500,000 packages to be delivered daily.

“The government has closed its shops and at the same time urged Belgians to order online from retailers,” said Dominique Michel, CEO of Comeos. “And now, it seems that bpost can not follow and that he wants to go and collect his own package. We wonder what will happen after that. Will we ask customers to go and sort at sorting centers? It ‘s not serious yet. “

The federation claims to have testimonies from traders claiming that bpost refused to come and collect parcels from them because there were too many. An open letter was published in the press on Saturday. “The coronavirus crisis is difficult for everyone. But online shopping is the only way for our traders to reach a small part of their turnover. “If this opportunity arises, we can close very well.” She called on the government to intervene.

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