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Microsoft to give up Skype for Internet Business in 2021 – ICT news

Starting today, Skype for Internet Business will be available in exactly two years. Then, Microsoft will give up permanently. The company will then make the Microsoft teams a standard online meeting platform.

Two years ago, Microsoft introduced Teams, a component of Office 365, and released it largely last year. Since then, the professional communication platform has advanced strongly. With 13 million daily users, it caught up with its competitor Slack.

Teams integrate chat, video, audio communication and document sharing into one app. It has long been clear that Microsoft considers him the successor to Skype for business, launched five years ago. Now the company is announcing the end of the story: Skype for Business Online will stop on July 31, 2021.

This means companies using the service have two more years to migrate to Microsoft teams or an alternative communications platform. In the meantime, Skype for Business will continue to be supported, and you will be able to add new users to it.

However, new Office 365 clients will be 1-orientedst September to Teams, which will become the standard online dating program. Companies that still want to fully launch Skype for online business – even if there is little reason to do so – remain for another month.

The version of Skype for consumers will obviously not disappear. Earlier next year, it should be possible for teams to communicate with Skype users and vice versa, Microsoft promises. The company adds that Skype for Business Server will also continue to exist, a service that allows, among other things, to switch from a fixed phone to a mobile phone in the workplace.

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