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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is down 45% on Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is presented as a hybrid computer. Simply put, this is a tablet that can act like a real laptop when it comes to its accessories. This product is positioned as the only product in its segment, it is a huge success. As a bonus, you can enjoy the best price ever on this premium device.

To see Fnac’s offer in detail, here it is:

Take a look at Fnac’s offer

It is a real surprise to see such a discount on Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Even during Black Friday, we did not imagine that the tablet of the American brand is entitled to such a price. The device has been available on the market for about a year, it serves as a benchmark in this niche. One of the two promotional packages shows a discount of over 40%, which means that the promotion is particularly aggressive.

Surface Pro 7, benchmark in 2020

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is positioned as a hybrid computer, as we said. Suitable for professional as well as personal use, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the flexibility of the tablet as well as the power of a real computer. The iPad Pro is trying to position itself as one of its direct competitors, but Microsoft is ahead of this rival signed by Apple.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet features Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system. This is what allows you to use it as a basic laptop, unlike the iPad Pro. You also have access to the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.). Packages offered by Fnac and Amazon include a stylus, mouse and keyboard, which perfectly complements the standard offer.

These three enhancements go a long way in making Microsoft Surface Pro 7 a true computer. The hybrid computer has a front and rear camera (ideal for video conferencing) as well as a 12.3-inch screen. Storage capacities can vary, between 128 GB or 256 GB, they logically affect the final price of the device.

In addition to being a standard computer, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has the qualities of a traditional tablet. It is flexible and lightweight while enjoying a long battery life shown at 10.5 hours for basic use. It is perfect for work or watching videos while in transport for example.

Overall, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has no real drawbacks. Its base price is quite expensive, but it is justified by the fact that the device is placed on a premium segment. With Amazon and Fnak discounts, it is getting cheaper and positioning itself as the perfect must-have. It is not certain that this high-end tablet with its accessories reappears below the limit of 1,000 euros, it is a very good opportunity – despite the nice surprise.

Get your tablet on Fnac or Amazon

Currently, the annual Black Friday operation takes place in Amazon as well as in Funak. In this context, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 benefits from breakthrough prices for both retailers. On the other hand, it means that breakups can happen at any time, you have to be very fast so that you do not regret missing this deal. Our article is updated according to the availability of online platforms.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7, installed by Amazon or Fnac, may have some differences, such as performance or storage capacity, this is an element to consider when choosing. We also note that there are offers on Microsoft Surface Pro X, Surface Go or laptop, other products also from the Microsoft range.

These Microsoft Surface Pro 7 promotions will not be available for long. And, with good reason, online shopping explodes as telecommuting becomes more common for months. The savings can go up to several hundred euros, it is an opportunity that very well can not be reproduced immediately. This deal is an early Christmas gift that will meet your needs. Otherwise, you will be able to bring it back to the web platform.

Amazon extends the payback period

It has been several weeks since retailer Amazon offered its customers the opportunity to make a long return. Usually, it is limited to 30 days after delivery, but during this period, it goes even further. Now all customers can return the product until January 31, 2021, which is far after Christmas. This is ideal to be in front of all the holiday gifts without worrying about the withdrawal period. This is perfect for any item you plan to give away while you doubt their ability to satisfy the recipient.

On the Fnak, Darty or Cdiscont side, the payback period is 14 days, which is the legal deadline in France. This gives you time to test Microsoft Surface Pro 7 at home and send it back if you are not convinced. However, we do not doubt its ability to convince you, because we were able to test the product. According to our tester, this is an “almost perfect” hybrid computer.

The challenge of this day will be to be able to use the best promo shown on the Surface Pro 7, or those from Fnac or Cdiscount. If in doubt, know that the hybrid tablet has never been entitled to such a price since its release on the market. If you still have doubts, you can very well get it back in time. This is perfect for saving money on a device of this caliber.

To see Fnak’s deal, here it is:

Take a look at Fnac’s offer

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