Sunday , January 17 2021

Michelle Drucker confides in her hospital room: “I came back from afar” (VIDEO)

“I see where I am at the beginning of the year, in February / March (…) it depends on my cardiologist and my rehabilitation. I have a whole new heart, but now it has to be broken,” added Michelle Drucker.

“I have come a long way. I had a complicated heart problem. I have been hospitalized for more than three months (…) I rarely appear on the surface. Rehabilitation is slow, painful, but I hold on,” the famous host assured, specifying that he “Recovered”.

“I have been shooting at high speed for 55 years. And then suddenly, I found myself hospitalized (…) I had a very difficult operation, I was on the operating table for almost 8 hours. “I was very well cared for (…) The staff at the public hospitals is exceptional, we can never say that enough,” said Michelle Drucker.

The host, known for his very healthy lifestyle and love of cycling, always said he would not stop and the public service confirmed that he would stay on the air. Since his hospitalization, the channel has been broadcasting the best moments of “Vivement Dimanche”.

“His life is television, he is home to France Television, it is his house,” said Dolphin Ernott, the group’s president, in Le Parisien in September.

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