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McDonald's: After the dismissal of the affair chief, the HRD is also leaving

McDonald's announced on Sunday that it had split from its chief executive, Steve Veligbrook, because the board found that he had made a mistake in the ruling by entering a "consensual relationship" with a staff member.

onnoise continues at US fast-food giant McDonald's: the day after the CEO's announcement of an "agreed" dismissal, but contrary to rules with a staff member, it is the HR director's turn to leave.

David Ferhurst left the company he entered in 2005 on Monday, a McDonald's spokesman told AFP without giving further details or indicating whether this departure was related to that of Steve Veligbrook.

The latter was pushed out after the Board of Directors found on Friday that he had made a mistake in entering an employee judgment and had broken the rules.

Mr Veligbruck himself admitted in a message to employees that he had made a "mistake".

Like Mr. Easter, Mr. Ferhurst worked for McDonald's in Europe before moving to the company's headquarters in Chicago. He was promoted to HRM shortly after Mr Easter's arrival as head of the company.

According to documents sent to stock exchange authorities on Monday, McDonald's will pay its former chief executive a sum of six months' salary, which is approximately $ 670,000 based on his base salary in 2018 ($ 1.34 million). . Adding bonuses, stock options and other compensation, his total compensation is $ 15.9 million.

Mr Easter has also pledged not to work for a McDonald's competitor for at least two years.

The base salary of his replacement, Chris Kempchinski, was set at $ 1.25 million.

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