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Mattel launches an "inclusive" doll, without gender identity: the line has six models

Mattel on Wednesday unveiled a new puppet qualified as "inclusive", with no explicit gender identity, responding, according to the American toy maker, to children's desire to "freely express" themselves, according to the group's leader.

The new line, which covers six models, is dubbed the "Creative World" and offers modular dolls, short or long hair, pants or a skirt, wedges or sneakers. "The toys are a reflection of our culture and as the world celebrates the positive impact of inclusivity, we felt it was time to create a line of unusual dolls. " explained Matt Culmone, vice president of the department of doll design at Mattel Fashion, quoted in the statement.

The concept of inclusion here refers to addressing all persons, regardless of their gender identity. "In doing research, we realized that children do not want their toys to be regulated by gender norms. "she continued. "This line allows all children to express themselves freely. "

Dolls are also available in many different skin colors.

For several years, Mattel has been trying to diversify the models of her doll star in Barbie for decades, with a few exceptions, proposing a young white and blond woman.

Early 2016, California Company Launched Versions "circle","small"and"big"Barbie.

Driven by this strategy, Barbie's sales remain seven consecutive quarters of growth, against the flow of many products offered by Mattel, which suffer from competition from other toys and display dominance.

Tuesday, several toy manufacturers and distributors signed in Paris a "Charter for Mixed Toy Presentation"With Secretary of State for Economy and Finance Agnes Panier-Runacher.

The charter aims to combat gender stereotypes in the toy industry.

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