Saturday , July 31 2021

“Mask Singer”: reveal the name of the winner in this 2nd season

Who will succeed Lawrence Boccolini, the first winner of
Mask singer? That’s the answer given to TF1 viewers at the end of this Saturday night’s show.

The final begins with the first duo, that of the penguin, a character who is still in the race, and the panda, last year’s candidate who is none other than Jululi Zenati. Together, they continue shallow, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga hit and soundtrack A Star is born. At the end of the service, the penguin provides other clues that may put detectives on the trail of his identity. ” Unlike Jululi Zenati, I have not worked on a musical“, He declares.

The second character of the season to be taken to the stage, the robot shares a duet with the lion, a candidate for the first season presented by David Duel. “We have the new Vitaa and Sliman“Launched Camille Kombal after their performance. The former judo champion takes off his mask. According to him, the artist hiding under the robot mask is Daniel Levy, a former singer of the musical The ten Commandments. “It is a great honor, a dream because I am not a singer at allhe said.

The baby dragon, the third finalist in this second season, picks up again, as I asked for the moonIndochina along with last season’s cake, namely Natasha St. Pierre. “I would like to meet in the studio. But I have a more urban style“, Reveals the dragon.

Then follows the step of “face to faceThe penguin interprets Shake it by Taylor Swift, a robot takes over In time of Leo Ferre and the baby dragon defend themselves further Stach Stach by Michael Eun.

Baby Dragon is the first finalist to be unmasked. This is Isa Doumbia, a multi-layered artist.

The latter confronts the penguin and the robot face to face. The first sings Bohemian by Charles Aznavour, the second Don’t worry about anything by Stevie Wonder. The final vote of the public and the investigators reveals the name of the big winner in this second season. The penguin finally won. But first, a robot is required to take off its mask. The public then discovers Daniel Levy, author, composer and performer. Behind the mask hid the singer Laruso, performer of You forget me. “I wanted to bring this character to life because I loved him so much“, explains the winner”. It was a pleasure to do this show. I got involved from the beginning.“For its part, the detective bench thanks the artist for this.”roller coaster of emotions

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