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Manger sails through the retainer of the reins

C'est i nouvelle bonne raison de manger equilibré. Designed to control the type of renal insufficiency protégé. Dance The Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the team of recherche australienne prouve that the persons qui mangent sain ont at risk de douen souffrir.

Beaucoup de fruits et legumes, peu de viande rouge

Bond University scientists have published 18 results, which corresponds to reports of 600 000 patients. All donations concerned with habitat alimentaires do not include the consumption of fruits, vegetables, vegetables, etc. The cherches are considered to have an equilibrium supply defined by a significant portion of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, rice and a reasonable proportion of rye, transformed wheat, sodium and sucrose.

Chez persons having alimentary regimen type, renal insufficiency is 30% more important, compared to others. Albumin levels were reduced by 23%: the term defined albumin presence in urine, which is a symptom of renal failure. Recherches are preceded by the fact that there is a great deal of benefit for those who are diagnosed, but that permeates the progress of maladies.

I'm maladie incurable

Chronic chronic insufficiency is a progressive maladjustment: the reins on the function problems, which do not even have the filtering effect, which provokes accumulation of liquid and liquid in the corps. Patients generally require dialysis, which allows filtering of artificial manure, or is subject to stroke. On ne pe pas pas guadir de la maladie, in addition to the treatments permitted by the stabilizer.

Environ 3 millions of people in France experience renal insufficiency.

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