Friday , April 16 2021

Liverpool reverses Huddersfield and returns (again) to Premier League / J35 / Liverpool-Huddersfield (5-0) /

Liverpool 5-0 Huddersfield

Goals: Keita (1againMane (23)d, 66d), Salah (45d +2, 83d) for Liverpool

Secondly, them?

Inaccurate with Huddersfield, on the red ones Liverpool did not make a lap (5-0) and temporarily moved to the first place in the Premier League, pending a move from Manchester City to Burnley this week.

No time to lose for Navi Keita: Guinea opened the result in the first minute after a mistake in stimulating the defense of visitors. Well in their small shoes, the the red ones made a break twenty minutes later, thanks to the head of Sado Mane, ideally in the service of Andrew Robertson. Hall mimics shortly before the break, and at that time, neither Senegal nor Egyptians still do not know that in the second period they will register twice, consolidating their places with better Premiers league markers, with an appropriate 20 and 21 units per clock. Note, the return of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, entered the game at the site of Daniel Sturridge at the beginning of the last quarter of an hour, after almost a year of absence.

What to lock in beauty a manita perfect, in which Huddersfield will not have the chance to save his honor.

Liverpool (4-3-3): Alison – Alexander-Arnold (Gomez, 88)d), Lovren, Van Dix, Robertson-Henderson, Vianlum (Shaqiri, 73)d), Keita – Salah, Sturridge (Okled – Chamberlain, 73d), Mané. Trainer: Jürgen Klopp.

Huddersfield (4-5-1): Leslie – Smith, Schindler, Congolese, Durm (Prichard, 81d) – Hog, Gorenc-Stankovic, Bakuna-Mbenza (87)d), Mooney (Lowe, 65)d), Grant. Trainer: Jan Siewert.

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