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Line Renault announces that it is dead, Philip Geluk makes a bold valve that does not pass

Guest on the set of Laurent Rookier, the famous Belgian designer Philippe Geluk once showed a lot of humor. Present in the show We are live, the creator of Conversation dared a little joke about Line Renault’s health. If some witnesses had fun, others remain very ashamed. Indeed, this joke was particularly bold. Obviously, the audience of France 2 is very divided!

Line Renault announces that he is dead, Philip Geluk prefers to laugh

A moment of shame for Laurent Ruckier

In his new show We are live, Laurent Rookier has a very pleasant crowd of guests on November 21st. Along with Lillian Turam and singer Nicoleta, the set also features Belgian comic book author Filip Geluk. In addition, the presenter of France 2 and the successful Belgian author are very well known. Indeed, they have worked together for many years. By virtue of the circumstances, Laurent Rookier knows perfectly well that his friend is capable of everything. This is what he proved once again, with a bold valve for the death of the famous Line Renault.

Indeed, some websites have recently reported the disappearance of the great singer and actress. Unfortunately for Line Renaud, this is not the first time this kind of accident has happened to them. Very quickly, the actress of Welcome to Ch’tis responded with a statement on Twitter. “I am in great shape … I have so many more projects to implement, when, when the time comes, this text will no longer be updated.. Apparently, the star received the news of her death with a lot of humor!

Not dead, but almost!

Faced with Laurent Ruckier, Philippe Geluk dares to joke at Line Renault. However, he knows she is waiting behind the scenes. And, for good reason, the famous artist must also arrive on the set of France television. As part of the promotion of her latest book, Line Renault is currently on a media tour. Also, Laurent Rookier must have been doubly embarrassed to hear his friend joke. So what really happened? When he mentions the death of Line Reno, Laurent Ruckier asks Philip Geluk if he was aware of the rumor. But true to his habit, the Belgian author could not help but joke about it. Even if he did, he was initially using a very serious tone.

Yes, finally sorry, but I saw her earlier in the locker room, she did not move much! „. As soon as this sentence is uttered, there seems to be unrest on the set. Nicoletta, Laurent Ruckier and part of the public can not hide their courage. Others, on the other hand, seemed ashamed of this strange feature of humor. But it is certainly a bet that Line Renault herself laughed. Because, as he has already proven many times, the immeasurable artist has a lot of humor. And it is also capable of a lot of self-depreciation. Most importantly, these rumors are obviously false. Line Renaud is still very much alive, and visibly in great shape!

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