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Les anciens oblitérateurs orange de la STIB entament une nouvelle vie

La STIB, Brussels Propreté, Recy-K and adapted traffic light ""Ouvroir"ont annoncé jeudi sètre associates pour recycler 1500 ancillary orange couplers used on the public transport network in Brussels in the course of 2016. Videos of electronic components, these validators are redesigned." by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte et reconditionnies for removing bits "Sesame", proposed to the public.

At a prime time, Recy-K, the resin plate and circular recirculation of diets and springs, does not occupy internal components of the valves. The restait la boite orange vide. Alors are in demand by designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte to transform into a private object.

In the form of reconditioning the ex-obliterator is a batch of Sesame baptisms, equipped with boom plates to replenish improvised and elastic circuits for the courier or photos.

Mis en vente for 84 euros

A premiere phase test of 300 reconditioners was launched in June 2017 with the launch of Mad Lab. A public marquee has been launched for the commercialization of one plus Sesame's grand nombre. C'est l'Ouvroir, one of the premiere entreprises de travail adapted from the Capital Region, called it a remake.

With the expiry of all other Partnerships, L'ouvroir had to take the risk of valuing 1500 obliterators in the cadre of circular economy.

The 1500 obliterators are available for sale between November 13, at other stores in the STIB Store Rogier, on the STIB e-commerce site, and at other points for a price of 84 euros.

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