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Joint teeth, this dangerous regime that bypasses the transition to the orthodontist

CONCERNS – It's a fashion that breaks down all over France: that of the joints directly sent home. Several companies are trying to promote these devices that draw the hair of orthodontists for several months, through social networks and influencers. We interviewed one of them.

And if you straighten your teeth without going through the orthodontist? For several months, instagramers and influencers are promoting a device presented as a revolutionary: the dental aligner, or transparent plastic gutters to put on your teeth to straighten it discreetly. Problem: These devices are produced by foreign companies that send them directly by mail to the home without any medical checkups.

Earlier this month, the French Orthodontics Federation (FFO) decided to warn of such a practice that was considered dangerous, reminding that "the main element of the success of orthodontic treatment will always be the diagnosis established by one patient, by clinical and radiographic examination by the competent orthodontist ". Following this announcement, Olivier Miguel, an orthodontist in Saint-Quentin-en-Yevelin (78) and a member of the FF, expressed his disappointment.

We face an illegal practice of medicine.Olivier Miguel, orthodontist and member of the FFO

"What needs to be understood is that this trend is taking place in France, as it was in the United States a few years ago, that is, they are bloggers and influences, kindly sponsored by lead producers who test and say it is great "said the orthodontist. For him, it's a pure and simple illegal practice of medicine, with companies whose headquarters are systematically located abroad "not to follow". "It is no coincidence that the Council of the Doctors' Order carefully avoids this kind of drift, we will end up with grid bars, because we had grate for a smile on the lungs."

Contacted by LCI, the Dublin based company Your Smile Direct, but has a firm in Paris, denies any dishonest practice. "We are positioned in an attractive market, so it is true that orthodontists may not be ready for the treatments we give, but what we suggest is similar to aesthetics and cosmetics," we are confident. The proposed treatments apply only to the front teeth, and not to the atria and moles. "These are treatments that are not suitable for everyone, we treat mild to moderate cases."

Orthodontics is a 90% diagnosis and 10% techniqueOlivier Miguel, orthodontist and member of the FFO

Treatments with gutters are not actually new and used for about ten years by orthodontists. "For my part, I have several hundred adults who are treated in my office from gutters, it's a technique that works very well and I am very happy about it, but what you need to understand is that orthodontics is a 90% diagnosis and 10% technique, "explains Olivier Migal.

Thus, if companies sending these affiliates support the technical part, they skip the whole diagnostic phase which includes X-ray of the jaw, head, 3D throws for studying the relationship between teeth. top and bottom, checking all the muscles working around the toothpicks, how to chew … "If you ask for an osteopath, he will tell you to adjust your teeth without taking into account all the rest is scandalous, the action is far from isolated" , the practitioner warned. "It makes us crazy to see people skipping all these steps that say:" No problem, you have six twisted teeth, it's five guts, goodbye. "No, that's not possible !, summed up the orthopedic surgery of anti-inflammatory cream . "

On the phone, your smile directly assures us that it has registered a consultation with a dentist or orthodontist before the start of treatment. However, on the Questions and Answers page, the company says: "It's not planned to visit orthodontic practice during your treatment plan on YourSmileDirect Aligner Treatment, from your first assessment to the last recovery phase. Your new smile, YourSmileDirect freely makes them teeth free from your home! "

Treatment, described in three stages, first involves taking the impression of the teeth. This can be done either in the Paris office of the company, or through a kit sent home. Pictures from dentistry are also required and analyzed, according to dentists in the United States. "After your prints and photos will be sent, our licensed dentists will make a complete assessment, as well as your personalized 3D dental survey. […] As a result, we will send you your invisible harmonized directions without bisphenol A, "says the start guide." If you have teeth of luck, it can be treated very easily, "says Your Smiles directly.

You can have teeth loss, loosening … Olivier Miguel, orthodontist and member of the FFO

For an orthodontist, taking such treatment at home is extremely risky. "You can have a loss of teeth, loosening … irreversible things!" And if, at best, alignment is done, it may not last very long in the absence of a solution to maintain the result, for example, with a bar of discussion. "So, you'll have to repeat the treatment two or three years later. We really find ourselves in an aggravated commercialism," said Olivier Migal.

For this, your smile directly ensures that you have everything planned. At the end of the treatment, the company sends a rod that must be worn day and night for six months, and then "whole life" at night. "We can also write a letter to the patient's doctor asking for a compression wire, but unfortunately some dentists or orthodontists reject it."

Olivier Migal finally points to a lack of personalized follow-up of patients. "Whenever an orthodontist gets a patient who has gullies, he will consider whether they will arrive before they enter, if they work well, if there is no control over All this is individualized Managing a patient in orthodontics, regardless of technique, it it's not something simple. It's no coincidence to practice, you have to be a dentist for six years, and then four years older, be an orthodontist! "

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