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Jean-Luke Reichmann, a happy father in his mixed family: who are his children?

Jean-Luke Reichmann, a happy father in his mixed family: who are his children?

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In the program 50 ‘Inside, broadcast on November 21, 2020 on the French channel TF1, Jean-Luc Reichmann greeted the television cameras during the filming of the series “Leo Mates, a juvenile brigade”. The main host of TF1 plays the main role, that of the police commander Leo Mates, who heads the intervention unit of the juvenile brigade in Paris.

In the series, Jean-Luke Reichmann plays comedy with many child actors, but in life he is also the father of several children aged 11 to 29 years. Two of them are very active on Instagram: Swan, the oldest and Rosalie, 22. But their father wants to protect his six children and his beautifully mixed family from prying eyes.

Also on August 14, 2020, during his vacation, Jean-Luke Reichmann shared a photo of his family on Instagram, taking care to hide the faces of his children. “For security reasons, children are disguised“, can we read in the title.”Let us all be careful! Kisses to all and a good weekend on August 15th.

Live happily, live hidden

The motto definitely makes sense, for Jean-Luc Reichmann, when it comes to protecting his children, and his partner Natalie Lecultre. From time to time, however, the father confides in him the way he sees his role as a father. For him, courtesy and order are the law at home: he admits to being an “old-fashioned” father in an interview with Paris Match. “I feel like I’m fighting windmills.” explained the father. “I want the rooms to be tidy, but it ‘s a disaster. Like asking me to put the plates in the dishwasher. I hear,’ Dad, it’s okay … Hey, be cool! “

Finally, Jean-Luc Reichmann is a father like everyone else.

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