Sunday , April 11 2021

iTunes will continue to exist on … Windows

The rumor was around for some time, but it was confirmed during the opening of the WWDC keynote: iTunes is over. Finally, soon after the software will continue to exist on Windows.

With the new major upgrading of macOS, Catalina, iTunes users will have to put an end to the program and turn to exclusive Apple Music, Podcast and TV apps. It's a good thing for some, a dull change for others. But it will only affect people who surf the Apple computer, others can continue to enjoy iTunes "in the current state."

Launched in 2001, iTunes was a small revolution at the time. Over the years, the software at the helm has gained many functions, some were practical, others less. In any case, the software has become more complex and has centralized services that are no longer relevant to its primary goal: to collect and organize multimedia files in a library.

With MacOS Catalina and iOS 13, iTunes is retiring, in favor of Apple Music, Podcast and Apple TV, three separate applications specializing in one area. Disappearance that does not affect Windows users. For now, no change is expected. In any case, Apple did not point out anything similar.

We can still imagine that Apple is developing a new music program for Apple for Windows. It's hard to imagine that Apple is still interested in managing and repairing occasional problems on iTunes. But if Apple is actually developing an application for Apple Music for Windows, we can still ask which alternative will be set up to synchronize Apple's devices in Windows.

While current Mac owners are confident, Apple Music, Podcast and TV have the same features as iTunes. In addition, iTunes Store is still available from the Apple Music app. As for synchronization, it now passes through the Finder.

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