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It reveals a series of new scooters … as well as an amazing electric bike

It persists and denotes. As part of EIKMA, the big two-wheel show in Milan, the Chinese electric scooter maker has unveiled several machines that will reach the French market in the first quarter of next year. Unfortunately, we still do not have prices for these three vehicles.

The launch of the Niu booth is undoubtedly the MQiGT, the new equivalent of a 125cm scooter, which takes on the aesthetics of earlier models of the brand. It has a Bosch 3000 W engine, which allows it to reach a top speed of 70 Km / h.
To power it, the MQiGT integrates two Panasonic batteries, similar to those already available on current models, which are recharged in six hours. What to provide comfortable autonomy, which will obviously depend on the speed at which you drive. Count 55 km at 70 km / h, 95 km at 45 km / h and 135 km at 25 km / h.

The MQiGT differs from the old Niu scooters with two notable changes. First, as is the case with the other two new vehicles in the range, the size of the wheels has increased. They range from 12 to 14 inches to improve vehicle handling and driver comfort, which will suffer less roughness on the road. Second innovation: the arrival of a new board, which has the form of a large LCD screen, much more legible than before.

In Milan, Niu also introduced the NQIGTs Pro, the evolution of the NGT introduced a few months ago. It is very similar to the MQiGT and differs from the old NGT mainly due to the larger wheels. He reserves it for pilots who need a little more autonomy: it could hold 70 km / h 70 km / h, 100 km / h 45 km / h and 150 km / h 25 km / h.

Latest innovation on the scooter side, a much more unusual machine: The UQiGT Pro is the equivalent of 50 cm3, with a small Bosch engine with only 1200 W.
Designed to reach a top speed of 45 km / h, this entry-level scooter is much lighter and can accommodate only one battery. Hence its much smaller range: 50 km at 45 km per hour and up to 85 km at 25 km per hour.

Niu's first electric bike arrives in Europe

The big surprise of this EICMA 2019 is undoubtedly the arrival of the Niu electric bike in the 2020 range. The Aero EB-01 is surprising with its design: on the occasion of a press conference in the living room, Niu's boss, Niu, modestly pointed out that his designers had "It has redefined what an electric bike should look like By mixing the design of the brand's scooters with the electric bikes it already sells in Asia.

The Aero EB-01 has a large 1KW battery, weighing 5.3kg and provides a range of 60 to 150km. In France, it will be supplied with a Bafang 250 W motor, allowing the user to reach, at a point, 25 km / h of electric power.

It also has a shimmering Altus derailleur, nine-degree Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes, and hydraulic suspensions, too.
Like all Niu scooters, this bike will also benefit from continuous 4G connectivity, allowing you to locate your two wheels at any time and take advantage of the brand's smart phone application services (GPS, statistics, check-stop vehicle …)

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