Sunday , April 11 2021

Intel should provide 2019 modem for iPhone

Now that Apple has signed a contract with Qualcomm, the iPhone and iPad mobile phones will again be models designed by Qualcomm. But will this be the case for the next generation, since the iPhone 2019 should be introduced in September? No, Intel should remain maneuvering for one generation more or less, at least according to its CEO.

5G modem that Intel can provide for Apple (Intel's photo)

When presenting Intel's financial results for the first quarter of 2019, Bob Levin said his company will continue to provide 4G modems in 2019, including a new generation that will be available in autumn. He never mentioned Apple or iPhone, of course, but it seems logical that the heirs of the iPhone XS and XR accept the latest generation of Intel modems.

Even without this statement from Intel's CEO, we could bet on Intel's choice, not Qualcomm this year. It's too late in the iPhone creation cycle to change the component as important as the modem, and Apple should completely block the design of the model several months before its release. Qualcomm should wait until 2020 at least to provide iPhone modems, probably compatible with 5G.

Incidentally, Bob Swann also revealed that Intel stopped its 5G modem project after signing an agreement between Apple and Qualcomm, and not vice versa. We might ask if Cupertino signed with Qualcomm because Intel could not provide a 5G modem, but that would not be the case by the CEO.

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