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Influenza: University hospital in Toulouse saturated

The influenza epidemic in Okitania is increased, as is the thermometer. In Toulouse and throughout the region, the number of cases has increased significantly, so the emergency department at the University Hospital in Toulouse is fully saturated.

It manifests with fever above 39 ° C, a sudden onset, accompanied by myalgia and respiratory signs.

With the onset of this epidemic three weeks ago, the average patient treated increased from 300 to 350 a day.

Hundreds of patients have already been admitted to intensive care for severe flu.

According to the latest newsletter of Sentinelles, Occitanie is one of the regions most affected by this epidemic. https://websenti.u707.jussieu.fr/sentiweb/

To this it is added that the acute diarrhea, went into a "strong activity" last week.

Again, a reminder of simple guidelines for preventing the spread of viruses (in addition to vaccination): wear a mask in the presence of sick people and regularly wash your hands.

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