Thursday , April 22 2021

Influenza. Generalized pharmacy vaccination This autumn – health

(Foto archives of Telegram Francois Destik)

After two years of experiments, all pharmacists have been given vaccination authorization this fall against the flu in their pharmacy.

In October, all pharmacists in France will be able to vaccinate their major clients. After two years of experimentation in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, New Aquitaine, Hauts-de-France and Occitanie, the green light to generalize this activity was given on Thursday, April 25, on the day of publication in the Official Gazette of the Decree and three ministerial decrees related with vaccination in pharmacy.
To make the vaccines, pharmacists will have to "declare" this activity to the general directors of regional health agencies, determine the decree, receive practical training and have adapted facilities. However, they will only be able to vaccinate "adults who have no history of severe allergic reactions to ovalbumin or prior vaccination".
The purpose of this generalization is to ease the course of care and contribute to strengthening coverage by immunization.

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