Sunday , April 18 2021

"I thought it would tear my skull"

Five days behind Lattin's bars, Alain Binet believed, hard as iron, from jail. The Judicial Council gave him reason, because the judge freed him. But Liège's parquet did not hear it that way and appealed this decision. The result of the races, Alain Binet, remained in jail until the next prosecution hall held last Friday. And there, the judge felt it was better not to release the developer whose company was installed in Awans. Alain Binet will stay in jail.

Samantha Child, Alain Binet's wife, then decided to break the silence. What many do not dare to do, she did by testifying about her ordeal. She returns, a tremor in her voice, this evening on April 1, 2019, where she believes she dies, in front of her children at 7 and 9 years.

► It is fine which would burn powder

► The story that gives us is shaky: "I thought he would knock down my skull"

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