Friday , January 22 2021

Here is the first smartphone made by XDA, with LineageOS or Ubuntu Touch OS

MobileOver time, a large community of tech enthusiasts, geeks, and developers interested in both news and increased user choice gathered around the XDA site and the developer forum. With that in mind, XDA today is thrilled to announce the birth of its first smartphone. To be precise, this is a variant of the F (x) tec Pro1-X with more RAM and storage space and a brand new blue color. After years of joking about it, then the XDA guys finally decided to start this new adventure by making deals with the manufacturer and managed to present their own device not so much in hardware as in software review. In fact, the smartphone is available for the first time directly with its own LineageOS ROM or alternatively with Ubuntu Touch OS or Android.

As for the specifications under the hood, we find Snapdragon 835, 6/8 GB RAM and 128/256 GB storage space, dual SIM support, fingerprint reader, while on the outside there is a removable physical keyboard, dedicated button for the camera (on the back there are two sensors 12 + 5 MP, while on the front 8 MP), USB-C port and HDMI port (to connect to any screen and use the device as a keyboard). Having the first smartphone to leave the factory with LineageOS or the first phone with Snapdragon and Ubuntu Touch OS may be appealing to the discerning user, but unfortunately we have to note that the price is not the most compliant. The Pro1-X actually costs US $ 899 in Indiego, although the good news is that those interested can take the introductory offer and book it for US $ 639 (-29%). The fastest can go to Early Bird promotion and save more by using

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