Wednesday , January 20 2021

Here are the tips of the supermarkets (Colruite, Aldi, Liddle, Delhaise …) to the Belgians as the holidays approach

Delahize thus increasing the capacity of its e-commerce services by 30%. “This means more space, more vans and more staff so we can significantly increase the number of customers who receive their orders at home,” said spokesman Roel Deckelver.

The supermarket chain will extend its working hours at the end of the year. On Wednesday, December 23 and 30, the stores will be open from 7:00 to 20:00, one hour earlier than the rest of the year. On Thursday, December 24 and 31, stores will be open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., so employees can celebrate Christmas.

In Carrefour, online shopping capacity will also increase by 30%. All divisions of the chain will be mobilized. “Even our CEO is no exception. “He has been in stores several times during this exceptional year,” said spokesman Aureli Gert.

“Fresh products at the last minute”

Like Delhaize, Carrefour advises planning your purchases in advance. “You can buy frozen food, dry food and drink in advance and fresh food only at the last minute. The chain also bet on smaller parts, as the Belgians will have to wake up in small groups.

In Colruite and its subsidiary good, customers are advised to use the MyColruyt app to find out how many stores there are. To get enough employees, Colroit announced a call for temporary unemployed this month, and 5,000 people responded. Colroit currently employs about 1,500 temporary staff.

Small parts

Aldi also relies on smaller parts. “For example, we have champagne in a 37.5-liter bottle. “Our end-of-year range has also been extended,” said spokesman Jason Sevestre.

In Lidl, it will be possible this year to call the meat and fish service online.

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