Tuesday , September 21 2021

Hairdressers want to reopen their salon on December 14!

As announced, the professional federation organized a symbolic action demanding the reopening of the salons on December 14.

“We asked hairdressers to put on their hairdressing chairs on Saturday”, announced the president of the professional federation Coiffure.org, Jeff Vermeulen. Some of them even styled a member of their social bubble while observing the sanitary measures. This was the case, for example, this Saturday afternoon at the Tanifa Koifuer Salon on Falelet Street in Seraing

As a reminder, hairdressers are very disappointed with the Advisory Committee’s decision to keep hair salons closed. The professional federation emphasizes that its members are perfectly capable of opening their doors safely despite the coronavirus.

Professionals also point out that clients are increasingly pressuring them to make an appointment “in secret” because they want to be in their favor for the end-of-year celebrations. No less than 80% say they have already contacted customers for this purpose.

Finally, support measures are considered insufficient. More than 75% of hairdressers fear that their activity is threatened by this crisis.

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