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Gynecologists warn of SIM37, a medical examination for "predicting" a caesarean section

The Institute for Research and Action on Women's Health (IRAF) released a report published on January 23, calling on the medical community to SIM 37, delivery simulator for MRI. This review is prescribed for women who want, from the 8th month of pregnancy and are taking place in a licensed radiology center Babyprogress, a company that sells it. He claims he has discovered "
biomechanical difficulties
It can happen at the time of the baby's passage to the vagina and to predict the odds of vaginal delivery, and if so, a cesarean section is planned.

The exam still costs 900 euros and is not reimbursed by Social Security. The National Board of French obstetric gynecologists (Cngof) in the report of January 25 stated that " this process has never been the subject of relevant and serious evaluation And insists on " lack of scientific evidence suggesting this method in pregnant women

While Belgian author Marie-Helen Lahaye, this Monday, January 28, denounced the price of this practice on Twitter.

In its January 23 report, IRAFF blamed the founder of this SIM37 practice, Dr. Olivier Ami, " to exploit obstetric violence To get rich " the back of the victims "Out of the prediction and scheduling of the caesarean section" Dr Olivier Amy claims there will be "

disproportion between the vaginal canal and fetal head "
and causing, in his opinion, several pathologies: autism, cerebral haemorrhages of the fetus, the consequences on IQ of babies in the process
", Notes the report of IRAF, which also explains that he conducted a two-year investigation and observation. In conclusion, the IRAF" warn women of the unfounded nature of this practice and the postulates of Dr. Olivier Amy about the pathologies that would have been fetus victims ".

The last goal of SIM37 would be to limit the number of caesarean section. Once again IRAF intervenes: " We point out that the rates of caesarean section at the La Mute Clinic (from the Ramsay General de Sante Group), where Dr. Olivier Ami is practicing, is 43.5%, which is more than double the national average (20.2%). (source 2016). "

On Monday, January 28, SIM37 crews issued a statement saying the company says it wants to work with CNGOF. This statement states this 900 patients were able to get the result of the calculation for free. The goal of our clinical research teams is to obtain, thanks to the scientific confirmation of our studies, complete care for pregnant women from health care organizations.

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