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Francis Joyon wins du rum route after a breathtaking final – Route du Rhum


Captain Idec Sport placed the post of François Gabart in Pointe-à-Pitre after seeing the anthology of Guadeloupe.

In Pointe-à-Pitre,

After the impending quarantine crisis, the victims of recurrent depression, Szlachecki's rum regained all the brightness of his young Sunday in Guadeloupe. Well hidden behind a thick gray ceiling, the very hot sun of West India is, however, a vitamin D chaperone in these last days. They are two sailors, a young man and an elderly man who made him feel the most beautiful again. Four decades after the unforgettable first epilogue between Mike & # 39; em Birch & # 39; em and Michel Malinovsky & # 39; em, who passed the finish line after 98 seconds from 23 days at sea, François Gabart and Francis Joyon won an equally exciting match as insane. It is finally the second person who first finished the finish line at 23h21 (local time, 4h21 in the metropolis), after 7 days, 14 hours, 21 minutes and 47 seconds of the race (new record). Gabart arrived 7 minutes later, losing the magnificent hallucinogenic controversial regatta in Pointe-à-Pitre Bay.

On Sunday, skipper Idec Sport and Macifa proposed an anthology during the traditional island tour, the true justice of peace.e edition. Leading just a few miles (less than 3) after counting over 150 in advance 48 hours earlier, François Gabart was imprisoned by the famous Soufrière (1,467 meters) in the early evening and all the troubles of the world to join the Basse-Terre buoy. Completely scraped and "developing" at a speed less than the speed node, the wonderful offshore race multiplied maneuvers to pull out its maxi-trimaran (30 meters), while seeing the Idec Sport bow dangerously close to half a mile.

Charentais finally managed to pass the first one at 19:27 local time (00:27 in the metropolis of France), the famous bottle of rum in the shape of a buoy and is located 25 miles from the finish line. Joyon reached the mark 17 minutes later. But the duel is not over, away from him. And at the exit of the Canal des Saintes, Joyon was inside Gabarta and for the first time took over the board after 7 days and 12 hours. Despite closing the locker on the dovetail, Joyon managed to stop the young competitor at the end of the amazing regatta, racing in the smallest breath to win at the age of 62 and for his 7e participation, its first route is du rum. For Gabart, who was in the lead since last Monday, the thi-punch will probably have a bitter taste.

A fall that melted like a ball of coconut sorbet on the beach in Gosier

Technical defects have already hardened in Gabart's rum. In grip grip grips, the fastest man all over the world alone (42 days and 16 hours in 2017) had a big problem on Monday night with the loss of the starboard side trimaran, and then breaking up his port saffron, "cut off" on Tuesday morning. Despite injuries announced by his team at the end of the day on Sunday, the winner of the Vendée Globe 2012 and 2014 Monohull Rum was able to continue his course, unlike his competitors for battered flying boats, Sébastien Josse (Edmond de Rothschild) and Armel Le Cléac & # 39; h (Banque Populaire IX). But at the approach of the West Indian arch, Gabart's move disappeared like a ball of coconut sorbet on the beach in Gosier. 165 miles on Friday afternoon, Joyon spent on his young competitor 15 miles on Sunday afternoon. Before falling inevitably to the final transition.

Outsider from Saint-Malo, "Menhir Locmariaquer" confessed Saturday's shot "Like mad" he was late on his old boat. Maximum trimaran certainly not flying, but solid and proven, launched in 2006, headed by Jules Verne Trophy two years ago (40 days and 23 hours) and accidentally double title holder in Rum (with Franck Cammas in 2010 and Loïck Peyron in 2014). Years flashed him like a spray on his wax, skipper at the age of 62 announced that he would still pick him up "Teaspoon" at the foot of the ACTe Memorial Site, a center dedicated to the memory of slave trade and slavery at Pointe-à-Pitre, which Rumors are currently mooring at. This unforgettable victory will no doubt deter fatigue, at least for a few hours.

"I am very impressed with Franciszek and what he can do with his boat"– Gabart said in the middle of the week. If anything, or almost, opposes the communication of a thirty-eight-year-old, talented and fit captain, his competitor, a silent sailor, often portrayed as "the last of the Mohicans," the two captains united the breathtaking finale 11e the edition of the Route du rhum, marked by storms and the breakdown of new flying boats, but saved by the good sea feeling of the vast majority of its competitors, has gone to shelter in the ports of Brittany, Spain or Portugal, waiting for better days. On Sunday most of the boats that were still able to swim on the occasion returned to the sea to gather at their own pace, which of course was less crazy, Pointe-à-Pitre. Around good rum or other drink, Joyon and his dolphin will make the game work. A unique duel that captures the legend of this race like no other.

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