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Fire at Seveso plant in Rouen: cloud passes through Belgium

Information confirmed by the Wallonia Crisis Center.

AT After the blaze that broke out on Thursday at 2:40 pm at the Lubrizol firm in Rouen (Normandy, France), significant smoke release was observed. "According to IRM meteorological models, the cloud would already reach our country 5 to 6 hours after the start of smoke, or the morning of September 26," the Wallonia Crisis Center (FRC) -W) confirms on Saturday. This cloud is currently in the Netherlands, but it is still possible to find traces of it.

"The French authorities carried out analyzes of atmospheric measurements taken on the day of the fire and near the site. They have not identified toxic compounds in quantities that are dangerous to human health, ”says CRF-V. "The main molecules identified are carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. "

"Air quality is still good right now"

After the rains, these vapors were washed and scattered by the wind. "The concentrations of fine particles that could reach Wallonia are therefore very low, which is also confirmed by the Interregional Cell Environments (CELINE) network of measurements. The quality of the air remains good at the moment, ”said the crisis center.

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In Hainaut, residents noticed localized carbon black deposits. The Crisis Center advises them to ventilate their homes, wear gloves to clean debris, and wash locally produced fruits and vegetables.

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