Monday , May 17 2021

Elio-Charleroi's bankruptcy: "I'm 53, I will never go back to work"


The announcement fell as a slowdown this morning: 190 workers at the Helios-Charleroi printing plant in Flerur are at risk of falling into straw.

It is questionable, the leadership that requires the Commercial Court to bring bankruptcy. Therefore, workers may be deprived of the last salary, as well as the assistance that the employer usually gives to their employees during massive layoffs.

"We will block the factory in the end, until the decision of the Commercial Court," said Mark Moreau of the CSC, at the end of the General Meeting of Workers who are in common with Sets. "Printing is part of a large group, and the shareholder will have to open his wallet at least to pay the last wages …"

Meanwhile, morals are in the socks. "We do not believe too much," the unionist admits. "But there is still a small hope for recovery, the tool is modern, the equipment is current, the sector is complicated, but if those aged between 50 and 60 should return, it will be even more."

On the field, Didier, blocking the pallet burning at the factory's entrance, offers us a ride through the factory: "You know, for 30 years I started working here at 86. Since I started, DuPuy's publications printed their Spiro numbers, here we were meetings in the hotel in Goselie and the boss could not believe in the money We did it, it turned out very well, then the new Dutch shareholder bought and completely robbed, there are some people with shares in the company who got rich on our backs. we are told that we will stop everything, that is scandalous. "

On the curve of the corridor that connects the "small" machines (three 2.45m presses) to the "big ones" (two 4.32m presses), Didier explains that one year ago, in January 2018, he himself helped modernize the facilities. "The director put three million euros on the table to renovate one of our older machines, putting a robot in. Then we were asked to reduce our working hours, for example by stopping the arrival at weekends., Down down to announcing this morning … while we are one of the best printing companies in Europe 4.32 (rotating, NdlR), it's almost out of the world, it's a real gem here in Fleurus! The whole thing costs more than 100m euros, and we want to we leave everything in such a plan, overnight … Although there is a whole ersonal trained and effective No. No. "

Gilbert and Pascal can only agree with their colleague. "In 2011, they fired 72 people, we realized that it would be descent into hell, in 2014 we were asked for more flexibility in our schedules, we accepted to keep our jobs. They want to stop all this overnight and leave 190 people, not even 190 families, of the straw. This is a real social drama. "

For Didier (53), the announcement hurts. "If he does not have a buyer, I will never find a job again, I worked my entire life here, outside the school 32 years ago …"

People are angry on the spot. And that's normal. "There are several printing companies in Belgium, finding them elsewhere that it will not be possible and everyone, especially the eldest, will be converted, it will be very difficult," the unions confirmed.

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