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Edition of Nancy Will | Immunization: "Action both individually and collectively"

From 1ul January 2018, the number of compulsory vaccines in France increased from three to eleven. In addition to Diphtheria, Tetanus and Poliomyelitis (DTpolio) vaccines, vaccines that are "recommended" against pertussis, haemophilus influenzae b, hepatitis B, meningococcus C, pneumococcal, smallpox, mumps and rubella. So many "potentially serious and deadly" diseases, says D.r Ellian Pique, Territorial Delegate 54 in the Regional Health Agency. On Wednesday, Nancy presented the first positive effects of this decision in the region.

According to data from Public Health France Grand Est, vaccination coverage for the first dose of meningococcal C vaccine increased from 37.9% in 2017 to 73.9% in 2018, however, significant changes in the departments: 82.6% in Meurthe-et-Moselle; 73.9 in Moselle, 59.5% in Hoot-Ran … that from the first dose of pneumococcal vaccine of 97.7% in 2017 to 99.5% in 2018 or that of the first dose of the MMR vaccine , mumps, rubella) from 86.3% in 2017 to 87.6% in 2018.

Smallpox: "insufficient" coverage

If vaccination coverage is increased, "it remains insufficient for measles," says Sophie René, Public Health France Grand Est. The re-emergence of cases of this disease in recent years worries the health authorities. From 1ul January 2019, the East already has 61 people, versus 29 for the whole 2018. And 710 cases nationwide, including one fatal. In "89%" of cases, the disease occurred in "no or poorly vaccinated" subjects.

"Vaccination is the most effective prevention against many infectious diseases," says the Regional Health Care Agency of Greater Eastern Europe. Eliane Pique brings another proof: with the will of a school doctor in the past years, such vaccination has a bearing in Meus, which is today the department where coverage is strongest and where "there was no measles," while Moselle and Alsace departments were most affected in the region.

Given these good results, the experiment to promote vaccination in schools has been ongoing for two years in Vogez, Brewer (more than half of the students have not been updated in their vaccines) and since the beginning of the school year last in Saint-Di (88 ) and Tul (54).

Vaccination is "an important act, both individually and as a group," claims Eliana Pique, and throughout her life ( read on top of that ). LFS is mobilized through various other "restoring confidence" activities in the face of "false information transmitted". We recall, for example, the work of an English doctor in 1999 to establish a link between MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) and autism. The work proved to be counterfeit and caused her author to be abolished from the profession.

The Meuse has a rate of immunization coverage with measles better than elsewhere

Eliane Piquet, Regional Doctor ARS Grand Est


cases of measles have already been reported in France since 1ul January 2019, including a mortal.

"Today I say loud and clear: I am against the vaccine!"

Jean-Pierre Eudire, a trained dentist, chairs the National League for Freedom of Vaccination. Photo by DR
Jean-Pierre Eudire, a trained dentist, chairs the National League for Freedom of Vaccination. Photo by DR

"This vaccine is not an appropriate response to epidemic risks," said Jean-Pierre Eudire, President of the National League for Freedom of Vaccination, a former dentist living between Africa, France and Luxembourg, one of the biggest advocates of the French anti-vaccine movement .

According to him, vaccines are not only ineffective in preventing epidemics, but even worse, they can cause illness. "Multiple sclerosis, allergies of all kinds, all of these diseases are partly caused by vaccines." "I worked very hard in Africa, and neither did my children, nor did I ever get any vaccines." We did not get sick, "the activist said. The second condemns the state's "propaganda", pharmaceutical companies and pediatricians, for whom "vaccines are real business, while a simple good physical form generally protects against infections like measles. It all depends on the bacterial balance of the body."

However, in 2018, 2,913 Frenchmen were affected by this extremely contagious disease, of which 87 per cent were unvaccinated or inadequately vaccinated. And already, from the beginning of 2019, in France, one patient died after being infected with measles. As a result of poor coverage with immunization, health authorities say. Marginal case, resumed by the President of the League for Freedom of Vaccination …

Martin Levise

The vaccine abroad is obligatory for travel

If all countries do not have the same health standards, many require specific vaccines at the entrance to their territory according to the diseases circulating there. "Some of these vaccines are mandatory, others are only recommended," says Emilia Frantiu, head of the vaccination center at the University Hospital in Nancy. "But beware, the recommended vaccine is just as important as a compulsory vaccine. Only he can protect you."

Marie-Hélène VERNIER

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