Monday , September 20 2021

Do the British intend to be vaccinated?

The top health authority unveiled its recommendations this Monday morning as the government details its vaccination strategy for the week. No obligation, but of course priority people, the elderly, the fragile, while the campaign can start at the end of December. Especially recommended Vaccinate nursing home residents and health professionals as a priority the most exposed

According to the latest polls, the French remain very hostile to vaccination. One in two French people would not want to be vaccinated, according to a study by the Jean urores Foundation. Survey annoying Dominique Le Goff, public health physician and vaccination officer at the Brittany Regional Health Agency: “We know that the coronavirus vaccine should arrive in a few weeks. “We are doing vaccine surveys for which we have little information and perspective.”

But how many people have been vaccinated to make this vaccine effective? “It depends on the type of vaccine and the disease”, believes Dominique Le Goff. “For measles, it is 80% because it is a highly contagious disease. In France, we protect the little ones from 11 diseases. Then comes the seasonal flu vaccine, but also the papillomavirus vaccine, which is the latest vaccine.”

Example of flu

“In Brittany we have 52% of the target (people over 65) who have been vaccinated against the flu. Slightly better than nationally, five more points. “We must not forget that we are not only vaccinating to protect ourselves, but also those close to them and the community.”

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