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deux blessés, l'agresseur en fuite

Stupeur is a public utility Lyceum Cadix in Anvers. A homme is entranced in marriage with a marriage and is not yet a member of staff. The person attending was a legatee blessée, as if no other interpreter had been intercepted, approaching the police at the confines of Laatste Nieuws.

L'assaillant a ensuite pris la fuite. The police are on the lookout.

The motif de cette attaque reste flou. Is there a whole family of people on the shelter or a person who has a good record with the winner? This is the devra la déterminer. Mais selon les informations du Laatste Nieuws, la victime ne connaissait pas son agresseur.

The lounge is a suite with a lounge. The parents of the infants are on alert.

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